Monday, January 26, 2009

Directory of Adults holding Ranks in JuJitsu

Goshin Martial Arts has many Jujitsu students who are currently ranked or have been ranked in Goshinkan JuJitsu. Below are links to the Kyu's or Belts that students currently hold or have held. For the master page of ranks click here!

6th Kyu Yellow Belt

5th Kyu Orange Belt

4th Kyu Green Belt

3rd Kyu Blue Belt

2nd Kyu Purple Belt

1st Kyu Brown Belt

Monday, January 5, 2009

PDT Police Defensive Tatics

Goshinkan-Ryu Jujitsu is the basis for many PDT techniques, also know as Police Defensive Techniques. This style of Jujitsu is based on arresting techniques or controlling techniques designed to control subjects with pain and or gross motor over load.

Intrested in taking a PDT course, Sensei Lintott has 20 years experience teacing PPCT a must know system of nerve motor points and pressure points.

Police PPCT History
Although the knowledge of the locations, as well as how to attack the presure points of the human body, has been around for several hundreds of years, fairly recently research in police defense tactics has greatly contributed to a much more scientific understanding of how these pressure points are affected by various methods of contact.

To learn more about PPCT!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Alberta Jiu-Jitsu Technical Seminars

What are Technical Seminars?

The AJJA puts on several technical seminars throughout the year on a cost recovery basis. The member dojo’s take turns hosting the seminar and we draw on the instructors from each dojo to take turns teaching their style or technical information to help students try various arts. This also provides an opportunity to help improve junior instructors’ teaching abilities.


Places to sleep are provided for the members who are travelling to attend the said event. We usually have a group BBQ and a small party to meet new members and make new friends.


The seminars vary from one to two days. The start time is generally 10AM - 5PM the first day and 11AM - 3PM the second day, with lunch breaks provided on each day. There are photo opportunities at the end of each training day.

Certificates &Promotions:

Certificates are given out for participants at each seminar. If there were any recent promotions at member dojo’s, the instructors have the opportunity to acknowledge their student and give out their own certificates if desired.

Annual Tournament:

Every year the AJJA hosts a Tournament: there are Duo’s categories (self-defense with a partner); weapons categories; empty hand versus weapons; and a sparring tournament. The categories have placements for: beginner; intermediate and advanced. Medals are awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd placing in each of the categories.

Award Nominations:

Throughout the year students can be nominated for female and male student of the year. The student must be nominated by another member and seconded by any AJJA instructor. Nomination forms can be downloaded from the Newsletter Page. They can be scanned and e-mailed back to AJJA or faxed.