Saturday, April 18, 2009

Turn Around and Look

I have been doing and teaching JuJitsu for the better part of half my life and plan to have a few more years learning more about this fascinating art. Many students I have watched training at all of my clubs often make what could be a fatal mistake. They fail to recognize that after a confrontation they need to keep on high alert and to and turn around! Life is a gift, it is generally what is behind us is that is most dangerous.
We keep on students about keeping their hands up in their fence during a teachnique, and throughout the technique, but what about after the technique. Generally when people are ambushed or assault in an un-provoked physical assault it is when they fail to recognize their threat or they have their hands down.
Some of the best martial arts kickers I have ever seen, often drop or open thier fence (hands) while excuting their highly accurate kicks. It does not matter how fast your kick or punch is, or how accurate, if you drop your fence or open it up someone may be able to unleash a pyhsical assault on you and your self defense tools will be in the wrong place.
Please don't be one of these people who fail to recognize the threat or drop the fence. Maybe it's time you tried one of the oldest and most complete Martial Arts self-defense systems in Alberta, Goshinkan-Ryu JuJitsu with several locations to serve you in your defense.